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So, you’re looking into having some home remodeling done. Maybe you’re wanting to increase your property value before selling your house or maybe you just want to modernize some areas. Either way, you’re going to have many things ahead of you to consider. These things include finding the right home remodeling contractor, keeping costs low, and finding the best way to turn your social media ideas into a reality.

No matter what your reason for remodeling is, Crestwood Homes & Construction is here and ready to help. So whether you’re revamping an area to make it more functional or prettier on the eyes, we’ll guide you through the remodeling process and get you prepared on what to expect.

So, How Does The Remodeling Process Work?

To start, you need to have a vision on what you’d like to have done. Look through some images on Pinterest or read some home improvement magazines to try to gather some ideas on what you’d like done to the room(s) you’re going to have remodeled. Having this sorted out will make the whole process much easier and less stressful.

You’re also going to need to decide how much of your home you’re going to have remodeled. Do you want just your kitchen done? What about the kitchen and living room? The entire house? Your main limited factor will be your budget. Establish a realistic budget for what you want to spend during the remodeling process and go from there.

Finally, think about the style and design you want to have implemented into the remodeled room(s). Do you want a contemporary style or a more rugged style? This will depend upon the style of the rest of your house and your own personal preferences.

Hire The Right Home Remodeling Contractor

Once you have all of this information sorted out, it’s time to get in touch with a home remodeling contractor. Let them know the details of your job and ask for an estimate. Most remodeling contractors should give you an estimate for free, enabling you to shop around for the best company. When you call Crestwood Homes & Construction at (855) 337-0557, we’ll be able to set up an appointment with you to give you an in-person estimate.

Once you’ve selected and hired your home remodeling contractor, it’s time to clear out the rooms you’ve having renovated. This includes big and small items. Your room(s) will need to be mostly (if not entirely) empty in order to give the workers enough room and to minimize any risk of anything accidentally breaking.

Now that your room(s) are cleared out, it’s time for the contractor to come in and get to work. To start, they’ll demolish everything being changed and remove it from your home. This can include walls, carpet, and more. Once the demolition is complete, the rebuild will begin. Depending on what you’re having done, items like new walls, carpeting, ceilings, and more will be installed according to what you want done. After the new space becomes functional, things like appliances will be reinstalled.

Finally, the finishing touches are added to the room. This includes stuff like touch up paint or wallpaper that had to wait until the floors were completed. Personal touches like light fixtures, curtains, shelves, and other general hardware will also be installed in this final step. If you’re someone who lacks the eye for decorating, this could be a good time to hire an interior decorator. He/she will help you get the most out of your freshly remodeled room.