Hardwood Flooring & Carpet Installation

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Freshen Up Your Home With New Hardwood Floors Or Carpeting

One thing that makes a much bigger difference in the look of your home than you realize is your flooring. Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, or both, over the years they will slowly become more and more worn. Things like stains and damaged wood do a lot to make your floors look unpleasant.

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up the look of your whole house, you should consider getting new flooring installed! Every room has a floor of some type, and you won’t have to deal with entire rooms being torn apart like you do when you’re remodeling.

What To Expect From Carpet Installation

The flooring company you decide to work with should take care of the basics. They’ll send out someone to measure all of the rooms you’d like carpet installed in and determine the most efficient way to minimize waste. If you choose a company who does the installation process, like Crestwood Homes & Construction, life is much easier. However, if the company only supplies the carpet then they’ll likely recommend a local installer. It’s important to speak with the installer prior to having any work done so you can settle on what they’re responsible for and set a schedule for them to do the job in.

Most carpet installers will move your big pieces of furniture as part of the installation process. However, you’ll likely still be responsible for moving smaller items like lamps and televisions. If you have large items that will need to be moved, such as oversized furniture or appliances, then you should speak with your installer first and give them an idea of what to expect. Your goal should be to move any items that have the potential to be broken. This will make the installers job much easier and the whole process will be completed much faster.

Once the job has begun, the carpet installer doing the work is responsible for removing and getting rid of your old carpet. Moulding and trim will be removed as needed in order to prepare the subfloor for the installation. Keep in mind that quite often these items are fragile and sometimes pieces break. The carpet installer may also need to remove doors in order to lay down the carpet. If this happens with thicker carpet, the bottom of the door may need trimmed in order to make room to re-hang it.

The Steps To Having Wood Floors Installed

The main thing you need to accomplish before having wood floors installed is to prepare your room(s) by removing as much stuff as possible. This includes small and large objects. To minimize the risk of having anything broken during the installation, most companies require you to remove everything from beds to curtains from the room. The hardwood floor installation company should tell you what time they’ll arrive to begin work so you can be ready.

The most disruptive part of the process is when the old floor is removed and the new planks are installed. You can expect some noise to come from the areas being worked on, and there will be some foot traffic through your house as the planks are installed. You can also expect all measures to be taken to ensure the planks fit perfectly in their new spots.

Once all of the new hardwood planks have been installed, they’ll be sanded down for maximum smoothness. You don’t have to worry about a ton of dust because we’ll clean as we sand to make sure everything is as clean as possible. All of the dust will be sucked away before it has a chance to spread all over your home.

Our multi-step staining & refinishing process ensures a fabulous final product. We carefully apply the stain which really brings out your floor’s personality. When the stain is dry, we finish the floor with several coats of an environmentally safe, durable, and quick-drying topcoat. You can choose from low luster to high gloss or anywhere in between. We screen, buff, and vacuum between refinishing coats for the absolute best results possible. You can walk on your new floor (with stocking feet) two to three hours after the finish is applied. No pets for 48 hours or furniture for 7-10 days (until the floor is fully cured).

The multi-step process your hardwood flooring installation company should take will ensure a gorgeous final product. A stain will be applied that will bring out the natural beautify of the wood grain. Then, multiple topcoats should be applied to protect the wood. You can choose anywhere from a dull finish to a glossy finish or anything in-between. Your flooring will then been vacuumed and buffed to give you the absolute best final results possible. You’ll need to give the coats a couple hours to cure before walking on it, and give it 48-72 hours before allowing any pets to walk on the surface.

If you’re ready to put down new carpet or hardwood flooring in your home, don’t hesitate to give Crestwood Homes & Construction a call! When you get in touch at (877) 859-3701 we’ll be able to come out to your home and give you a free estimate on the job you’d like done, along with giving you multiple flooring options to pick from. Call today!