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Whether you’re looking for a custom home with a layout that’s compact and comfortable or large and spacious, we have the ability to build what you want. Customizing a floor plan for your new home from scratch is completely doable! We know that families come in many shapes and sizes, so we’ll sit down with you to design the perfect home that meets and exceeds your every need.

Here at Crestwood Homes & Construction, we’ve spent over 15 years perfecting the way we design and build our clients homes. What does this mean for you? It means when you choose to have your custom home built through us, you can be certain it’ll be done with the precision and care it deserves.

What’s The Process Of Building A Custom Home?

First off, you should expect to pay more for a custom home than you would a “production model” of a similar size and floor plan. This is because a customer home builder doesn’t have the same cost cutting materials and labor that a typical “production” builder does. More time and care will go into your home, along with better materials being used. The actual price will, of course, vary on a large number of factors. Some of these include the materials used, the size of the home you want, the piece of land you’re building on, and more.

A common misconception people have when thinking about custom homes is that they have to be large and luxurious. This isn’t true! While we can build a large home, many of the custom homes we handle are simple one story ranch homes or modest two story homes. Custom does not

Once you choose your custom home builder, you have a couple options. First, you can supply your own floor plans to the builder. Second, you can work with an architect to design your home from the ground up. The beautiful thing about building a custom home is that you’re able to select most the details throughout the build, which truly enables you to make the home precisely how you want. You can even work with the builder to work around specific trees or place windows in a specific spot to take advantage of the beautiful view!

In short, when you’re building a custom home, the customization’s you can make are virtually limitless. The only real restrictions you’ll have to worry about are your budget and any building or zoning limitations. If you like the freedom and excitement of taking a blank piece of paper and turning it into real floor plans, then building a custom home is a great choice.

Key Points To Designing The Appropriate Custom Home

A major key to building a custom home is working with your builder to set a realistic budget. Make sure you stick with it and don’t exceed what you can actually afford! Most people understand that further customizations will increase the price, but there are things like land-related problems that can unexpectedly make the price of your home increase. This is why it’s important that you pay attention to every little cost and budget accordingly.

In one scenario, you may own a piece of land in a suburban area with the utilities already installed and ready to be hooked up to. Having a finished lot like this to build on will dramatically reduce the cost of building a custom home.

However, in another scenario you may own a piece of wooded, rural property. While land like this is always beautiful to look at, there’s a lot of labor that will go into preparing the site to be built on and, as a result, this will raise the price. Some of the prep you’d be looking at paying for includes a driveway, bringing in clean water, installing electric and sewage, and preparing the foundation. All of this ends up being quite expensive. If you’re in this scenario, speak with your builder to get an estimate on this work that can be added to your budget.

Since the process of building a custom home is, unsurprisingly, very customized, you’re going to spend a lot more time with your builder designing your home and land than you would if you chose to build a more production home.

That said, knowing what to expect at each stage — and especially what choices you’ll make and when — can make your custom home process smooth and result in the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Having said that, knowing what to expect and what to be prepared for at each stage of the process will make building your custom home a much smoother process. Plus, you’ll finally get to live in the home you’ve always dreamed about!

If you’re ready to sit down with a builder and architect to start designing and building your own custom home, Crestwood Homes & Construction is here to help. Give us a call at (855) 337-0557 and schedule an appointment to get started.